Last night you changed my world and, not even with much but, with your friendship eternal; it transcended this, these painful externals…

It is all I wish I had ever called my own.

Last night you changed my life,  and not even with much but, your loving divine, supplemented by that look in your eyes; fixated, concentrated,

Like my cess pit, ratchet truth was actually worth the time.

Last night you won my love, nothing like a Crusader but, yes, almost violent, incessant, just like, THE genuine lover of my soul. I now know what love means, because it spills so generously from what I behold,

As, the greatest thing one could ever be shown.

My heart will never be able to express what my renewed spirit now knows but this love, it grows; day and night, loyal even out of sight – like the love I wish unto you…

Deep within, silent and secret; everyday, it manifests more and more, just like that barely restricted, manifest of true love, 9 months from the shore…

And when this love matures, I will know that you and I are forever, and just like the irrefutable phenotype on the birthed product of Eros, it will erased, well yes – never…

So maybe one day, my words will grow, full and robust, like we all once were; pure, and unadulterated. And like the love between the two lovers, 1 second into the beauty of the shore, you will know what I feel, about you and this journey we’re on and know, I am glad I continued traveling on…..


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