As this is a registry of my thoughts, it must be stated for the record that, I think men are the more sublime sex. I say this MAINLY (you know the reasons are a tad many) because modern women have somehow managed to collectively make life just a little more untenable for us. Now it’s true, I’m a girl myself, however I MUST be an advocate against B.S; women like to shoot themselves in the foot from marriage to cars. We can all agree that the typical femme moderne is a tad queer, and I am only human so I have a number of these peculiar habits in my back pocket as well.

Indeed, I’ve even gotten into a physical confrontation with an Afande of Suburban Law, and please believe that I was SUCH a woman about it. Shouting, Cursing, Crying, Yoghurt Hurling; I went the whole fucking nine yards on it. It was quite embarrassing because in hindsight, the emotions I was hurling all over the place made me appear to be that paradoxical woman. My greatest reason for being such a wreck was, I was COMPLETELY defenseless against this guy yet I demanded him to respect me like the grown ass mother fucker that I couldn’t really be unless I was literally Conjestina with a little Mike. (Btw, resistance was quite futile – he was superhuman next to non-existent my upper body strength). I used that example for a reason: I am a part of the stereotype and thus sooooo much more invested because it raises a ka conundrum or two. But first, I’ll tell you why the modern woman and her feminist rants are deluded. It’s a slightly suicidal thing to say but is pretty damn factual. To prove my point, I’ll take it from the top.

Okay so, I think we (Kenyans, really) have seen how this Kenyan “modern woman” looks; she’s pretty much the quintessential material girl. She’s impressed by flashy things; for some, wedding rings, expensive perfume and the exorbitant shininess that makes the cocks of all rich men oh-so-pretty. The latter is for a particular group of women who have the most interesting definition of pride. This is very deliberately, NOT, about them.

Who is this about: very obviously, the Feminists. They’re probably part of this consumerist world, however, they sell such flawed ideals. I wonder, just how many women in the world really think of feminism as a way of life. Whether you believe in the Creation Story or Evolution, I think we females are lying to ourselves about what equality really means. I’ll use the one person I think should be on the planet’s all time “failed people” list, Evans Kidero, to prove my point. If Kidero went and randomly punched his brother, who would give a fuck, honestly; the probable reasons it would grab attention surround the public nature of his current vocation, and his “salacious” problem with acting his age anger management. But when Kidero slapped Shebesh (a woman whose credibility is hanging by mere ropes) it was just pure SCANDAL. Chants of gender abuse echoed louder and louder with misguided optimism as they failed to scrutinize her part in the absurd incident, and only placed blame on Kidero’s shoulders.

“He accosted her!”;

“How can a man who doesn’t even respect women head this county”;

“I don’t care who you are, you NEVER slap a woman!”;


 It was just so ironic.


This is why: If Kidero were to have a strategic meeting with Shebesh, he would naturally be expected to treat her as a colleague – the only basis for superiority being his job. In every other way, Kidero would have to treat her as an equal, yet in fact, she proved with her continual verbal violence that, she wasn’t. If these two were truly equals, she would probably have hit him back, defended herself like she’s someone whose on the same plane as he is. And it furthers my point home. Women expect to be drowned in chivalry; protected and petted like these much too famous refugee camp escapee looking chihuahua , yet at the same time, be revered as strong characters in any situation: the oxymoron is almost too intense to articulate. Just from basic general knowledge of the two sexes, it’s quite obvious that men and women are not the same and thus, not equal. We can compare two brothers, but we can’t compare a man and his woman. The only reason that siblings of different sexes are compared is because there are common denominators. It really is like talking about equality between a horse and a lion – it’s a little impractical.

Men and women were created for different things, and retarded books like kina Venus vs. Mars actually prove the point. I think women should just get over the shit and pick a side; you can’t be strong AND weak? Look at it from this angle: in Kenya for example, we must have gender parity in government institutions, yes? In the National Assembly, a third of the MPs are supposed to be women. And this is something that women really did advocate for. Now, if there was true equality being practiced here, women wouldn’t be given such an easy time – all the men had to fight to get in, while the women could just throw their arms in the air and preach “gender equality”. Women want to be given opportunities because they are women – not because they’re qualified.

 In my mind, there is no way this contributes to any sort of equality in ANY shape, manner or form. Women celebrate Rosa Parks, Mother Teresa, more than they do Mahatma Gandhi and Malcolm X not because they achieved something no one else in their position did but, because they are women. You’re strong because you are a woman, not because your character evidences it. I believe that men do not have these foolish things; Isaac Newton isn’t celebrated by men because he was one of them, he is celebrated by the academic community because he was brilliant. Women want preferential treatment and then ask to be respected as a general would. It’s retrogressive beyond fucking measure and pretty crass – period. Let’s not be babies about it.

Remember that ka conundrum I was yapping about? So, here it is. I think women look at themselves as subordinates, and when I said that women propagate the problem, I was specifically talking about how women play these sexual, submissive roles just so that they can advance their careers (please keep the last paragraph in mind). I know the rumour mongers are a little vicious however, where there’s smoke, sugar, you know there’s a fire. You see this in the way they look; you can actually SEE the effort being put into the trade of womanhood, because yes, it is an economic activity now. Women use their looks to get ahead and yes, I’ve seen it happen a few times for me. The point I want to drive home is, WOMEN HAVE PLAYED INTO IT. Instead of demanding respect, they wrap themselves in these shorter, tighter skirts to play the game better, instead of asserting their individuality and more importantly, proving what emancipation should be about. Men indeed, look dapper yes, but it is a reflection of character more than anything else if you think about it. A nigga can’t buy class; he’s either on it, or he’s not. But men don’t dress a certain way to land a woman who’ll pay for among many other things, her children’s school fees; it would make Susan B. Anthony roll in her grave (even pictures of her depict her “no-no-boo-boo *snap three times* Madea face”). The men that do don’t have anyone’s respect and so, we can’t continue indulging further mention.

I wonder if I’ve even said anything worth noting. I believe that women need to sit and BE SERIOUS WITH OURSELVES; we are not an endangered species; unable to protect ourselves from the environment, yet we are so quick to scream “women’s rights” every two seconds.


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